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There are two main types of Family Law Cases:
1. Divorce or Dissolution (when they were married)
2. Parentage (when the parents were never married)

Some divorce/dissolution cases are heavily related to dividing the assets and debts. We do not take the high asset cases because it does not fit our model. I can refer them out though but I do not want to handle too many consults of this nature.

Our family law main practice areas are child custody and visitation issues. Child support often is an issue as well (child support cases can be brought by “DCSS” on behalf of the county — DCSS stands for department of Child Support Services).

So we want to attract parents going through child custody and visitation issues, and may also have child support issues.

Many family law firms do not offer free consultations. We offer free consultations with an attorney.

Most family law firms utilize a model of the billable hour where they charge anywhere from $300-1000+ an hour and bill in 6-minute increments (so if they spend 7 minutes working on the case, they bill it as 12 minutes at the high hourly rate). They charge for every email they read and send, every phone call, every little thing.

What we do is:

Affordable flat fees with low monthly payment plans. So they can obtain an attorney for only a few hundred and have affordable payments so they can have legal representation.

Many of our clients were never married so they are parentage cases instead of divorce/dissolution:

For family law, we try to focus on Orange County, Los Angeles County, and Riverside County

For family law mediation is a mandatory part of the process and so users will sometimes search for information related to mediation through family court services

Riverside County calls mediation “child custody recommending counseling” or “CCRC”

For family law we limit counties more because it’s more in court and needs to be closer to us BUT many Northern California counties allow remote appearances so I do take family law cases outside of those counties on a case-by-case basis