Child Custody and Visitation Issues can exist in the following family law case types:
1. Divorce or Dissolution (when the parents were married)
2. Parentage (when the parents were never married)
3. Domestic Violence Restraining Orders (DVROs)

Legal paperwork and pen symbolizing divorce or dissolution Although the time the child(ren) spend with each parent is relevant to the guideline calculation for child support in California, a child support case initiated by a County or The Department of Child Support Services (DCSS), will only address child support–NOT custody or visitation issues.

Why Choose MKH for your Child Custody & Visitation Case:

Every child custody and visitation case has unique considerations specific to the child(ren) and parents. At MKH we understand that and also understand the importance of our clients having a proper understanding of the family court system. We strive to help our clients navigate family law and child custody issues with ease, including when dealing with a high-conflict co-parent. Harmony, our experienced child custody and visitation attorney will be happy to discuss your specific child custody case and a gameplan forward with you on a FREE consultation that you can schedule using the “BOOK APPOINTMENT” button above or calling/texting (949) 299-7632.  Harmony experienced firsthand how the financial concerns of a family law case can impact families and built her family law matter to make legal representation in child custody disputes more affordable for parents fighting for their child’s best interests.  The representation you and your family deserves is a free consultation away–schedule your free consultation now.